Office of Financial Aid

Financial Aid information and forms can be found here.

Federal  Work Study (FWS) and Non-FWS Student Employment Positions

Below is a list of on campus student jobs.  Please review the list and stop by the department with your application to apply and interview for each department you are interested in working for.  You may only apply for a job in person at the office for which you are applying, unless otherwise stated by the hiring supervisor of the department.  Employment packets will be available for pick up in the Office of Financial Aid once you have received an employment offer.

Application for Student Employment

Student Worker Reading Literacy Application

on campus jobs

Financial Aid News

All financial aid should now be posted to your billing worksheet.  If it is not listed as anticipated aid contact Financial Aid to determine what is needed.

The summer is a perfect time to budget for the upcoming school year.  Go to for great tips and tools when it comes to managing your money.